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Jeremy Weller Sommer Interview



10 Questions for Jeremy Weller


  1. 🍍Is being in Vienna a source of inspiration for you?

Jeremy Weller: Vienna is a very inspiring city. Such a historical city, history weights heavy upon it. Also the connection to the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. The huge scale of the city and the story of empires past and present. All this is visible in the architecture of Vienna. The coffee shops are amazing. It’s a complex, fascinating city.

  1. 🍍Since the workshop is called ,,Where it hurts“ – will every participant have to feel pain?

Jeremy Weller: I think we have all felt pain, and this experience of pain has changed us, sometimes taught us lessons, sometimes made us grow. It probably isn’t the pain, but what this pain does to us, uplifts or presses us down. Or a mix of the two. It is an opportunity for us to ask questions about an experience that is a huge part of life, for all of us.

  1. 🍍Participants don’t need to bring along a monologue or dialog. Why?

Jeremy Weller: Because the thoughts and feelings that are created amongst all of us through being together in the workshops will create new feelings, new emotions that will shape a new monologue or dialogue and (I hope) surprise us.

  1. 🍍It seems like you are really drawn to painful experiences or realities rather than positive experiences. Is there any specific experience in your life that caused this?

Jeremy Weller: I was afflicted in my youth at about the age of 9 years old, by an overly questioning nature. I asked my self why are they saying this, why are they doing this? I think I was seeing the early roots of my work. In that I saw life as a performance and to a large extent very theatrical, with roles and scripts. Of course if I believe everything is theatrical, then the question of what is behind the act, is captivating. (At least to me)

If one looks at the structure of society we are all often encourage not to question our selves and our roles, and who we are, what we are.

I think that theatre falls away with those who fall through the cracks of society and are marginalised or in extreme situations, but they are also often fully awake and questioning, yes because they have nothing to lean on.

So it isn’t necessarily the pain but more that they are acting less and in search of a place in the play of life and a role in the main play of life.

  1. 🍍Did you ever experience a significant change in somebody who did your workshop that really stays with you? If so, would you like to share?

Jeremy Weller: Many times. I have seen people stand outside their assumptions about what they could do, and try to do and attempt to be something different.

One story: of man involved in organised crime who had always wanted to be a writer. But did not have the circumstances or a quiet place to do this. I saw him change from a dangerous, ferocious man, to slowly becoming a man who began to express his feelings and over time he transformed into a poet. That was quite amazing to see.

  1. 🍍Is there a reason why we will work for five days since some workshops in the International Summer Academy can have less days but more hours? Do you prefer having more days?

Jeremy Weller: These 5 days are a good immersion in to my way of working. Short intense and fun.

  1. 🍍Is there any type of awareness or preparation you hope people already have before coming into your workshop

Jeremy Weller: Just be open and trusting. It is a short journey together in which we will support each other with a good aim.

  1. 🍍Were there any specific moments in your life that lead you to theatre work?

Jeremy Weller: As I said earlier. At a young age I saw without any advice or guidance that theatre was everywhere. We were all acting, performing, and scripting our lives. Seeing that, led me to where I am now. I have always been in theatre but also outside.

  1. 🍍What kind of abilities do you think people and pineapples need to become actors?

Jeremy Weller: To be fruity and have a hard edge that reveals amazing fruit.

  1. 🍍Have you ever worked with pineapples? If not, would you like to and why? If yes, how was

Jeremy Weller: Pineapples are everywhere. They have appeared in my rehearsals hard edge but amazing too.

(for information Re NHS Residency and Edinburgh Festival 2018 Production: “Where it hurts”)


Jeremy Weller Storyteller Workshop – Internationale Sommerakademie  5. – 9. Juli 2024

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Jeremy Weller Sommer Interview

10 Questions for Jeremy Weller, asked by THE PINEAPPLES
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